By jaafarali

In the context of Erasmus+ KA3* Project VISYON, a series of multiplier events
during the Erasmus+ Days from October 9 to 14, 2023. These events took
place in Greece, Spain, Malta, Romania, Slovakia, Italy and Bulgaria,
highlighting the role of the Erasmus+ program in achieving European Youth
Goals. Each partner contributed unique and impactful activities to promote the
The Italian team executed an engaging online campaign on Instagram,
consisting of 9 posts throughout the Erasmus+ Day week. Focused on Youth
Goal #9 (Space and Participation for All), the campaign aimed to stimulate
community reflection on participation.
EKO Greece celebrated Erasmus+ Week with an Erasmus+ Open Fair on
October 11, 2023. Drawing over 50 attendees, the fair showcased various
organizations dedicated to youth empowerment through non-formal
education. EKO Team presented VISYON’s objectives, activities, and results,
fostering collaboration among organizations and emphasizing the collective
effort to create positive change.
The Foundation for Entrepreneurship, Culture, and Education (FECE) in
Bulgaria organized an awareness-raising event at the University of
Architecture, Engineering, and Geodesy in Sofia on October 10. Through
stands, a short quiz, and engaging activities, FECE successfully brought
Erasmus+ initiatives closer to students, with over 50 participants learning
about the program and the VISYON project.
In Romania, two events celebrated Erasmus Days. On October 10, 20 students
from “Elie Radu” Energetic Technological High School explored Erasmus+
opportunities guided by Ovidiu, a passionate youth worker. The Monomyths
Association introduced 25 youngsters in Calarasi to the Erasmus+ Programme
on October 13, showcasing the VISYON project. Both events generated
enthusiasm among participants, with students expressing eagerness to follow
the project closely.

The Maltese team organized an open mic event as part of the VISYON
Project for Erasmus+ Days. Participants took on the role of young
broadcasters, discussing the EU Youth Goals, particularly focusing on
Quality Employment For All. Coordinated by VisMedNet in Malta, the event
featured young speakers exchanging ideas on quality employment. The
event was streamed live on Facebook on October 9, 2023, and now is
available on VISYON Youtube Channel.
The Slovak team celebrated Erasmus+ Days on the 27th of October, by
organizing events at two schools in Nitra, Slovakia. During these events,
various opportunities offered by the EU were presented to youngsters,
sparking their curiosity to explore the world of the Erasmus+ program. A
great focus during these events was given to the VISYON project and its
activities, inviting the local youngsters to follow the project’s progress and
take part in similar initiatives.

The multiplier events conducted by the VISYON project consortium during
Erasmus+ Days successfully achieved their objectives. Each partner
contributed unique and impactful activities, showcasing the diversity and
creativity within the consortium. The events not only raised awareness
about the Erasmus+ program but also fostered collaboration, community
engagement, and enthusiasm among participants. The collective efforts of
the project consortium demonstrated the significance of Erasmus+ in
advancing European Youth Goals.

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